2K DCP Mastering

A Digital Cinema Package is the final output of films which offers a digital film print with a special data format for picture and sound. Ultra is the best studio for DCP mastering, armed with world renowned software such as “easy DCP creator +” and hardware for 2K DCP Mastering with encryption to distribute films worldwide.

After 35mm films, DCP is a global format that is accepted worldwide today. If you are looking for affordable DCP studios in India, then Ultra is the best option since apart from technology we also we have a team of experienced professionals who will ensure the ideal output for you. 2K DCP mastering also helps to set a high security against piracy. DCP mastering has become a vital process of every film today because of its open standards, high security level and the superior image and sound quality. There are many studios for DCP mastering who claim to offer the best output, but Ultra is a brand you can trust as we have already worked on several prestigious national as well as international projects.